Boat shrink wrap training for X Yachts

Boat shrink wrap training for X YachtsTufcoat carried out a particularly interesting Boat shrink wrap training session.

A customer needed to transport their 42′ X-Yacht from the UK to Barcelona but wanted to protect it during the long road journey. The solution was to shrink wrap the yacht to make sure that the hull and deck stayed in immaculate condition. Tufcoat were asked to provide the equipment and materials in addition to training an X-Yachts representative so that they could provide this service to future customers. Tufcoat travelled to Southampton and spent the day training X-Yachts in all aspects of the boat shrink wrapping operation.

After the mast and stanchions had been removed, an 8m wide shrink wrap plastic sheet was used to cover the vessel to the waterline and the shrink wrap was then heat shrunk ‘drum tight’. The keel on this yacht meant that the deck level was around 4m above the ground, so a 2m extension to the heat gun was used to ensure that all areas of the cover were heat shrunk drum tight. Finally a zipped access door was installed at the stern to allow access to the boat.

Tufcoat can shrink wrap boats of all types and sizes using our own installation teams, or provide materials to those who wish to shrink wrap their own boats.