We pride ourselves in being able to cater for any project that would benefit from the protection and encapsulation offered by our shrink wrap sheeting system.

Our specially formulated film comes in three thicknesses and a wide range of sizes, meaning that the roll you get is not only perfect for the job at hand but also as easy as possible to install. A member of our sales team, all vastly experienced in the field of shrink wrapping, will guide you through your enquiry and the application to determine the ideal product for your project.

Tufcoat produces and stores all of our own film, something we have been doing for almost a decade. This allows us to not only provide the highest quality of sheeting but we also have experience with manufacturing bespoke film to suit customer specific needs.

By not being a reseller or middle-man of shrink wrap we are able to carefully control stock levels to meet demand, meaning you could have film with you less than twenty-four hours after ordering.

As well as the shrink wrap film itself, Tufcoat also provides all the tools and accessories needed to complete a project. Whether you want to install an inspection hatch on the sheeting or simply need an extra safety knife, Tufcoat are here to help.