Dyrham House Scaffold Shrink Wrap
Dyrham Park Roof project © National-Trust- Clare-Green

Almost every aspect of a project can be carefully managed from beginning to end to ensure that it runs smoothly and without delays. There will, however, always be one factor that is out of the client and contractor’s control – weather. Unpredictable downpours can stop an otherwise perfectly running job in its tracks, causing downtime and delays that can prove costly and have knock-on effects to other projects.

Nothing can be more frustrating for a contractor than having to get workers to down tools on site and wait for Mother Nature to give them another window to work in. From men being paid that are unable to work to financial penalties for missing deadlines, an exposed site always runs the risk of being stopped by the weather causing costly logistical problems.

Downtime isn’t the only problem unprotected sites can face from the weather. Water ingress, especially on roof works and replacements, can cause damage internally to the client’s building or property – something that can harm the contractor’s reputation as well as their bank balance.

Tufcoat has experience working alongside contractors, sub-contractors and clients to provide weather protection with shrink wrap sheeting with both our material and installation services.

Our thicker sheeting has been designed with the construction industry in mind. The 300 micron thickness makes it more durable and suitable for long-term external projects. It comes in smaller roll sizes, meaning it is easier for installers to apply onto a scaffolding structure. Flame-retardant properties, classified to BS: EN13501, LPS 1215 and LPS 1207, ensures that it can be used on any site.

It is not only the unpredictable British weather Tufcoat has experience with tackling. Tufcoat scaffold wrap is manufactured to contain UV inhibitors and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) to prevent it becoming brittle when used long-term. This has helped international projects facing both extremes of weather, from the harsh sun in Dubai to the cold snowy winters of Azerbaijan.

Unlike traditional sheeting, which can be designed to detach in high winds, the continuous bond of sheeting and drum-tight wrap around a scaffold or framework ensures that a site will be fully protected through even the worst of weather.

On the rare occasion that an installation is unsuccessful and weather containment is compromised, Tufcoat are dedicated to getting a team to site as quickly as possible to repair any breaches and ensure sites are quickly protected.