Airbus A380 Custom Shrink Wrap Wing CoversAt Tufcoat we know transporting large, valuable, goods can be a daunting prospect. From a private owner moving their boat, to a large manufacturer shipping key components, all senders will want to ensure their goods arrive at their destination in the exact condition they left site in.

This is why getting the right protection for objects exposed to the elements during transportation is vital. Dirty rain, kicked up mud and flying stone chips can, in a best case scenario, cause purely aesthetic problems. Even if the goods are undamaged, arriving on site dirty and in need of a clean can give the wrong first impression to end clients as well as creating more work during the unloading process.

If assets arriving on site filthy is unwanted, arriving damaged is unthinkable. Water ingress or traditional tarpaulins and covers flapping under high winds can lead to goods having to be sent back to site to be repaired or even replaced. Whatever the extent of damage, this leads to money being lost and possible delays to the projects the goods are required for.

Tufcoat are experienced in not only providing materials, but also installation and training services to help clients rest assured their assets will receive the best possible protection during transportation.

Unlike traditional sheeting and covers, Tufcoat shrink wrap is heat-shrunk drum-tight around an object, eliminating worries of damage caused by flapping tarpaulins and ensuring a water-tight finish.

Our 190 micron industrial grade sheets are available in a large variety of widths and sizes, meaning any object can be covered with one continuous sheet. This reduces excess and wastage, ensuring the most cost-effective solution for protecting objects whilst still offering the same high-quality protection expected from shrink wrap.

Tufcoat has experience in providing transport protection to a diverse range of objects from boats to modular units, engines, large machinery or even plane fuselages. Tufcoat’s expertise combined with the flexible sized sheets mean we are confident we can encapsulate an object of any shape or size.