Scaffolding is often used to create a shrink-wrap temporary roof around a project, allowing work to continue all year round and ensuring projects hit targeted deadlines by avoiding potential delays caused by adverse conditions.

Tufcoat shrink-wrap can encapsulate fully around a structure, providing an alternative to traditional labour-intensive methods of hauling up a tin roof and installing side sheeting.

Weighing approximately 0.3kg per m², temporary roofs are lighter than traditional methods and can be up to 40% quicker to install.

By utilising Tufcoat’s installation services, scaffolders can pass on the responsibility of weatherproofing, saving labour time and money both during installation and by avoiding having to return to a site to fix detached sheets.

Our experience includes a temporary roof for the Castell Coch restoration project, and also for a building in an exposed location at Bigbury on Sea.

We can supply the Shrink-Wrap Materials and accessories for your temporary roof, and can also provide a full installation service.

Benefits of using Shrink-wrap for temporary roofs:

  • Shrink-wrap is designed to stay on during adverse weather conditions, ensuring projects remain weatherproofed
  • Tufcoat shrink-wrap is lighter and quicker to install than traditional temporary roofing methods
  • Scaffolders can rest easy during bad weather periods knowing that Tufcoat will ensure the encapsulation of the project