Scaffold elevations can be wrapped using Tufcoat scaffold shrink-wrap to create a drum-tight barrier to providing weather protection, site containment or simply a screen to enhance the appearance of the project.

Traditional sheeting and debris netting have long been used within the scaffolding and construction industries to ensure projects are not delayed by bad weather or to stop egress of works such as shot blasting or painting.

Although these systems are fine for many projects, the traditional sheeting is more likely to detach in adverse weather conditions risking delays to the works, damage to nearby areas and creating a messy looking site.

Tufcoat work with scaffolders, contractors and project managers who want to ensure a tidy looking, fully contained and protected site through the duration of a project.

Scaffold elevations can be wrapped on a tin roof project, forming a full weatherproof temporary enclosure over the works.

Benefits of using Tufcoat to shrink-wrap scaffold elevations:

  • Whereas traditional sheeting is specifically designed to detach in adverse weather, shrink wrap will continue to provide encapsulation to projects
  • Tufcoat shrink wrap creates a neat and professional looking work site, allowing clients and contractors to maintain a strong brand image
  • As a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, Tufcoat can ensure as little impact as possible on the area surrounding a project
  • Tufcoat shrink wrap can be used in conjunction with traditional roofing systems