Tufcoat shrink wrap can be used to create internal partitions, completely segregating areas of work from the rest of a business, allowing companies to continue unaffected during renovation periods.

Projects such as factory repairs, warehouse extensions, and office refits can create a lot of dust and debris that, if not contained, may have a serious impact on the continued operation of the rest of a business.

Tufcoat internal partitions are a flexible system, created by affixing shrink wrap to a framework made of either scaffolding or batten and tensioning wire and are fully sealed to ensure no egress from a site.

To ensure minimal impact on day-to-day operations, Tufcoat can install zipped doors for easy access through the partition created.

Our shrink wrap installation teams have been trusted with creating segregated work areas in a variety sectors, from food factories to manufacturing plants and even Premiership football club’s sports training facilities.

Benefits of using Tufcoat internal partitions:

  • Tufcoat shrink wrap creates a fully sealed environment that will contain projects and ensure minimal disruption to the rest of a businesses operations
  • The flexible application allows for the creation of non-linear partitions
  • Zipped doors provide easy access to site whilst maintaining encapsulation