Shrink Fast 998 Heat Gun

Shrink Fast 998 Propane Heat Gun


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The Shrink Fast 998 Heat Gun offers 15% more power than its leading competitors, meaning the toughest jobs can be completed quickly and economically.

The Guns’ ergonomic design and fan shaped combustor allow an even, steady heat pattern for consistent shrink-wrapping.

  • 212,000 BTU’s of power
  • Weighs only 2.2 lbs so is easy to handle
  • Perfectly balanced for operator comfort
  • ‘Dead man trigger’ designed to automatically shut off the flame once the trigger is released
  • Automatic safety POL shuts off the propane supply, in case the hose gets cut or develops a leak
  • Patented combustion cycle allows the flame to burn outside the nozzle, which remains cool to the touch even after extensive use


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