Tufcoat sheeting is a premium shrink-wrap used to create a fully sealed and weather tight encapsulation system.

The rolls are designed to be of optimum handling size and weight to increase the ease of application. However, we can manufacture products in sizes and weights to suit any specific client requirement.

Tufcoat flame retardant shrink-wrap complies to BS EN 13501.

A variety of Tufcoat formulations contain additives with different properties to cover a wide range of applications and include UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitors), Flame Retardant, VCI – Anti Corrosion, Anti-Static, Colouring,

Tufcoat products are thoroughly tested and subjected to the most demanding conditions and environments.

Through ISO9001 we offer confidence with internationally recognised accreditations, supporting our customers in accessing global markets by adhering to industry quality and safety regulations

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