Tufcoat is experienced in helping to deliver fully encapsulated, weather proofed, yacht tenting systems to provide outdoor shelter for refit and repair works to yachts.

We work with partners who specialise in creating bespoke frameworks around yachts and superyachts to create a tenting system.

Tufcoat shrink-wrap yacht tenting provides a carefully controlled internal environment as well as external weather protection, allowing blasting, painting and refurbishment work to continue all year round. A final seal can also be applied for additional containment.

Shrink-wrap has been the preferred method for yacht refit projects around the globe, from superyacht works in Palma to Naval vessels in France.

Benefits of using Tufcoat shrink wrap for yacht tenting:

  • It does not require indoor refit sheds, which are not always available
  • Tufcoat shrink wrap creates an encapsulated environment, providing both a shelter from the weather and perfect work conditions for paint works