A common application of Tufcoat’s Marine Grade Shrink Wrap is for transport boat covers. During transport, boats can be damaged by factors such as dust and dirt contamination, flicked up stones and impacts from low hanging trees.

Tufcoat sheeting shrinks drum tight around a boat, meaning that vibration and chafing issues and damage typically associated with loose fitting tarpaulins are avoided.

By completely encapsulating a boat during transport, boat manufacturers, transporters and brokers ensure the vessels arrives at the end client in the exact condition it left site in.

We have carried out multiple shrink wrap encapsulations for Princess Yachts such as a Princess 78 and other various projects. We can supply the Shrink Wrap Materials and accessories, and can also provide a full installation service.

Benefits of using shrink wrap sheeting to cover boats during transport:

  • The drum-tight cover ensures no chafing or vibrating damage during high-speed road travel
  • A wide range of films means any size boat can be covered in one sheet
  • Provides a neat and clean looking finish to give a professional first impression when arriving with the end owner or client