Temporary shelters or tents can be created using Tufcoat shrink-wrap to provide complete environmental containment around a Naval refit or maintenance project.

Our teams in the UK have completed many Naval refits at HMND Devonport and HMNB Portsmouth as well as working on projects at Rosyth and Cammell Laird Dockyards.

Our project experience ranges from update & mid-life refits of the Royal Navy’s Type-23 frigates right through to the new Aircraft carriers.

The involvement in these project clearly demonstrates our capabilities in the execution of Naval refit projects of this scale and complexity.

Our installations enable three key operations during naval refit projects.


Extra layers of paint have been continually added to the exteriors of these frigates to keep them looking good & preserve the metal underneath and all of these need to be removed during each refit, ready for fresh paint formulations to be applied.

The layers are removed by firing high-velocity metal dust particles at the paint which takes it off in flakes. Both the shot debris & the paint flakes need to be caught to prevent expensive clean-up operations and/or any of it getting into the natural environment.

Tufcoat shrink-wrap has been the blast containment solution for this project having been successfully involved installing shrink-wrap in Royal Navy dockyards for a number of years on a variety of different ships, submarines and other equipment.

Sealed Containment

Shrink-wrap can be heat-welded onto itself, so multiple sheets can be joined together, to cover any sized object with no gaps. Openings can be made and repaired as required, to allow services & equipment to pass through either temporarily or for the duration of the project, without affecting the containment seal.

Areas can be easily sectioned off so that work can be completed in phases, with project planning to ensure all the different works required during refit can be carried out concurrently and any delays mitigated.

Once the blasting has been carried out, the containment can be cleaned through with vacuums & pressure washers so that all the debris can be disposed of safely.

Paint Coating Shelter

After cleaning, the painters have a ready-made bespoke paint shelter that can be heated, ventilated, extracted, dehumidified, etc. as required to ensure a perfect environment for applying coatings as specified by the paint manufacturers.

If the containment is outside, this means that the work can continue throughout any weather, and again any residues, vapours etc. can be captured and dealt with responsibly without risking environmental damage.