Tufcoat has been providing protection to boats during storage and transportation for over ten years with our boat winterisation sheeting.

We work with boat builders and owners who get fed up with having to clean a filthy boat at the end of every lay up period.

Once shrink wrapped, a boat will remain protected during bad weather meaning it will be ready for the water after the quick and easy process of cutting away the film at the beginning of the sailing season.

A wide range of films means any size boat can easily be covered up and over in one sheet, allowing for quicker application and a completely weatherproof finish.

Inspection hatches and air vents are applied to the film to prevent the build up of moisture and to allow owners to inspect their boats whilst maintaining the encapsulation.

Benefits of using Tufcoat shrink wrap to protect a boat during storage:

  • Tufcoat shrinks drum tight to any shape boat, ensuring a cover more secure and waterproof than traditional tarpaulins
  • Shrink wrap sheeting’s versatility means that mast up or down, in or out the water, any vessel can be protected
  • Easy to take off, avoiding lengthy and potentially costly cleaning to get a boat ready for the water