Isleburn Transport and Storage ProtectionTufcoat Shrink Wrap can be used for oil & gas enclosures, providing a solution to issues facing projects in the Upstream sector. Our sheeting has a range of applications for offshore and subsea equipment.

For subsea components that are to be used as part of projects where commissioning has been delayed, there is often a need for them to be stored for a significant period of time until they are required. Tufcoat shrink wrap can be used to encapsulate subsea components in storage, and provides the ideal solution to help protect against factors such as UV radiation and dust contamination which can cause damage to sensitive areas of the component.Oil and Gas shrink wrap

Tufcoat shrink wrap can also be used to provide containment and weather protection for maintenance works on offshore structures. Works such as blasting and new coating application have the potential to produce harmful residue. Our shrink wrap can be used to encapsulate scaffold structures around the works that take place. We also offer an additional service called final seal which uses extra battens and shrink wrap to provide a fully sealed internal work environment. This prevents harmful residue from reaching the surrounding area and stops damage to the environment.

We have worked on a number of projects requiring oil & gas enclosures, including the storage protection of a caisson and debris containment for maintenance works to a topside module in Brunei. We can supply the Shrink Wrap Materials and accessories, and can also provide a full installation service.

Benefits of using Tufcoat shrink wrap sheeting for oil and gas enclosures:

  • Tufcoat shrink wrap sheeting is perfect for projects that have been mothballed or face long term storage as items will remain in the same condition whilst wrapped
  • The flexible nature of shrink wrap sheeting means that any shape can be protected