Tufcoat shrink-wrap provides temporary protection for modular and off-site projects where the building is not fully weather-tight prior to installing in a final position.

One factor impacting modular and off-site projects is transport, with units having to travel many hundreds of miles to get to the site and potentially sitting in situ if project delays mean they are not ready to be installed immediately after delivery.

It is vital that the units, which are often internally pre-fabricated ready for use, are installed in the exact same condition they left the factory in.

Traditional methods of protection such as tarpaulins, haulage covers or stretch wrap often fail during transport and storage. Not only does this give an untidy and unprofessional image when arriving on site, but damage can also cause financial setbacks and project delays.

Tufcoat shrink-wrap sheeting is manufactured in rolls up to 14m wide, so can be draped over large units in one complete go and then heat shrunk to create a neat and seamless drum-tight cover.

Entry and access to the inside of the units can be installed using our shrink-wrap zipped doors and lifting points can be cut around ensuring that the item is fully secure from the moment it leaves the factory.

Our experts can help train a company to install the sheeting themselves and introduce the application into their manufacturing process.