Since 2004, Tufcoat has been building its reputation as a shrink-wrap supplier.

In the beginning, our focus was on shrink wrapping boats; as this demand grew, we decided that teaching others how to wrap boats, then supplying the tools and materials we used was the ideal solution for this product.

Today, we still supply shrink-wrap to the marine market, however, our materials are now used to encapsulate Type 26 Frigates and Superyachts as well as smaller leisure boats and RIBS from where the business began.

The addition of training into our services allowed the company the opportunity to investigate other sectors with whom we could supply this product.

Tufcoat now supplies shrink-wrap across most industry sectors, our early focus in the marine sector lead to winning contracts within the aviation and modular markets; ultimately delivering our original services to the scaffolding and construction sector.

Our customers all have common protection goals. Whether it’s relating to their projects schedule, a physical asset or company image, our shrink-wrap creates a flexible barrier against adverse weather or changes in the environment during transport or storage.

Shrink-wrap Supplier
Tufcoat shrink-wrap is not an off the shelf product, the development of our wrap has been carefully controlled to meet our customers specific demands; from the additive used to create our flame retardant product to the sizes of the rolls. Our products can be bought online for next day delivery if ordered before 12pm!

Shrink-wrap Installations
Our installations capabilities have increased to meet product demand and the introduction into new markets, from our original 2-man crew, Tufcoat now has regional teams as well as supply partners to complete encapsulation projects in the UK and beyond.

We have long-standing relationships with distributors in Spain, however we have customers throughout the world and have completed installations as far as Asia.

Behind the scenes
Our team are the first point of contact for any material or project enquiry.

The core of the business is built upon our experience, from first hand ‘on the tools’ expertise, a methodical approach to problem-solving to a first class customer service all backed up by premium products.

Tufcoat are trusted by hundreds of customers to advise, support and supply shrink-wrap ensuring projects and assets are protected and we look forward to working with you!