Our aim is complete customer satisfaction: something we take very seriously at all stages from first contact to after sales service. Delivering this aim is the basis for our core values of Quality, Service and Expertise:


  • We are an ISO9001 accredited company (Audited by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance).
  • Our many years of product development safeguard the high quality of our products.
  • Feedback from our clients attest to the high standards of our ‘behind the scenes’ support.


  • Transparency and honesty in all our communications underlies every aspect of our customer service and support.
  • We train our staff to guarantee you will receive the same high level quality of service from anyone in the company.
  • Our team take pride in ensuring you will always receive the very best we can do.


  • Many years of practical knowledge and skill goes into every aspect of our materials, accessories, equipment and services.
  • Our Research & Development department continue to seek innovative new product development solutions.
  • Whether it is Service, Sales or Support, every member of our team strives to ensure you will receive the best we can do for you.