Helicopter shrink wrap packaging

Shrink wrap is not just used for boats. For this project, a helicopter required protection from weather damage on a journey around the world. An 8m wide, 200 micron thick shrink wrap was unrolled down the helicopter roof and unfolded … Continued

Shrink Wrap Boat Transport Cut Outs

A nice touch can be applied when shrink wrapping boats for road transport, particularly where the shrink wrapped boat will be lifted on to the truck at a later point. The truck driver will normally need to attach his tie … Continued

Shrink wrap boat covers for exhibition movements

An increasing number of boat builders in Europe are using shrink wrap boat covers for exhibition movements to protect their boats as they are moved between trade shows around the world. Using a shrink wrap boat cover means that boats … Continued

Shrink Wrap Corrosion Prevention

Tufcoat can supply a film to help prevent corrosion Metallic corrosion is caused primarily by the reaction of corrosive or reactive atmospheric gases. These atmospheric gases (ozone, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide) and the gases (acetic and … Continued

The benefits of using a shrink wrap boat cover

This is an article published in Power & Motor yacht By George L. Petrie, which highlights the benefit of using a shrink wrap boat cover to protect boats that are shipped as long distance deck cargo. An extract is included … Continued