Train carriage shrink wrap covers

Tufcoat are pleased to announce another successful outcome of a shrink wrapping trial. The latest trial was for the weather protection of train carriages during transport from manufacturer to customer. Our client had previously used tarpaulins to protect the carriages … Continued

Shrink wrap for module transport protection

The increasing popularity of offsite construction techniques Where modules and pods are pre-fabricated in a factory ‘off-site’ before being transported and rapidly assembled at the building site, there is a requirement for a¬†low cost but effective way to protect these … Continued

Polythene Zipper Doors For Access

Polythene zipper doors are incredibly useful and versatile items when used with plastic sheet coverings and wraps. Zipper doors, or roll up doors as they are sometimes referred to are used mainly in the marine, construction and containment industries to create access for moving materials, equipment and people into a sealed area. Using a roll up door means that a cover does not have to be removed and re-secured to gain access to the product underneath. Using a zipped access door means that complicated doorways and ugly duct tape seal ups are a thing of the past. There are two main types of zipper door on the market.