Boat and industrial shrink wrap frequently asked questions

Shrink wrap frequently asked questions from our customers   What is the difference between shrink wrap and stretch wrap? Stretch wrap is unsuitable for large applications, it is stretched around an object with minimal protection; it sticks to itself and … Continued

Tarpaulins or Shrink Wrap?

When protection is required for a large or awkward objects such as machinery, plant, buildings or boats, companies have traditionally used tarpaulins to meet this need. However, in recent years many companies have been turning to a new way of packaging large objects for storage and transportation and shrink wrapping their products using a heavy duty ‘industrial grade’ shrink wrap.

Tufcoat can provide shrink wrap for vehicle protection

Using industrial grade shrink wrap for vehicles results in a moulded covering, ‘as tight as a drum skin’ and provides peace of mind that the product will reach the customer in the same condition it left the factory. Because shrink wrap cannot flap or chafe, it is very durable at motorway wind speeds. Availability of 8m and 12m width films means that even the largest vehicles can be covered with a single sheet.

Shrink wrapping equipment

Shrink wrapping large or awkward products does not require an extensive array of equipment and supplies but a few key items will make the job a lot easier and result in a professional looking end result. Here is a list of the basic shrink wrapping equipment and materials you will need.

Electric vs gas heat gun for shrinkwrap plastic

Tufcoat carried out a test to compare an electric heat gun and a gas heat gun ‘side by side’ to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of heat gun are when used for the shrinking of … Continued

Shrink wrapping boats in snow

We received an e-mail from a boat dealer in Norway enquiring about shrink wrapping boats in snowy conditions. They thought that shrink wrapping boats seemed like a great idea but were concerned that the shrink wrap would not be able … Continued

Why use Industrial Shrink Wrap?

Using a heavy duty industrial grade shrink wrap to protect goods for storage or transport results in a moulded covering, ‘as tight as a drum skin’ which provides peace of mind that the product will remain protected in all conditions.

Shrink wrap for scaffolding and construction projects

The applications of shrink wrap¬†for scaffolding and construction projects What makes construction grade shrink wrap material different from normal plastic sheeting is that it contains ultra-violet inhibitors (UVI) and anti-brittle agents, and flame retardant properties which gives it impact strength … Continued